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About the Star Wars Unleashed


You might, at the current point wonder "What is the Star Wars Unleashed (SWU)?". This page will go in details on what the Star Wars Unleashed is all about.

The Star Wars Unleashed is an online Star Wars Community, where you can chat, role play and interact with Star Wars fans all around the world. The Star Wars Unleashed was formed on the 25th of May 2000 by a Danish Star Wars fan as an expansion of an old gaming clan known as the DJBS Clan, "Dark Jedi of the Black Saber Clan". In the first days of its existance, SWU had its home on Geocities with a one page website which can be seen here: "First Website". Shortly after, SWU got a bigger website (still hosted on geocities), which can be seen today at the following address: Click here. This site has not been updated for a long time now, so all of its contents are outdated. This site has an URL redirection "http://www.swunleashed.cjb.net", which doesn't exist today, till the domain swunleashed.com was bought sometime in November 2000, and as an addition, SWUnleashed got the domain swu.dk. the swu.dk domain was by then bought to serve as a webmail service with @swu.dk as mail extension, but can also be used as a shortcut to swunleashed.com. Today, SWU is a full fledged ever-growing community for Star Wars fans all around the world, with a client application in development for a member interface for SWU.

The goal

The goal of the Star Wars Unleashed is to create a place where Star Wars fans all around the world can talk to each other on IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and via the Star Wars Unleashed message boards. Furthermore, the Star Wars Unleashed has its goal to create a galaxy based on member interactions and stories. Overall, the Star Wars Unleashed wants to give its Star Wars fans the possibility to experience a member formed galaxy in the Star Wars Universe.

Star Wars Unleashed Member Groups

Star Wars Unleashed Member Groups also known as Factions and MG's (Minor Groups), is what a member can join if he/she does not want to be a freelancer. Factions and MG's are groups lead by SWU members and also administrated by SWU members. In short, the SWU groups are groups of members, and in that way have the possibility to have large fleets and other things that a freelancer could not ever hope of having/affording.

Other Star Wars Unleashed features

Message Boards : In the Star Wars Unleashed you can also join our message boards at swub.swu.dk
IRC Chat : You can also chat with fellow members / SWU Simmers at our IRC chat server. In a common chat application such as mIRC you can connect to the SWU chat with the following information:

  • Server: irc.swu.dk
  • Port: 6667
  • Room: #SWU (for general chat)

@swu.dk Webmail service : You can also get your own @swu.dk 6MB webmail at the "Webmail Page". Or just log in on the portal page of SWU at swunleashed.com.

Interested to know more?

If you want to know more, feel free to browse through the Star Wars Unleashed site or via the Star Wars Unleashed message boards.

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