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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

How do I play the Star Wars Unleashed?

The Star Wars Unleashed is an online Star Wars Community. There are several ways you can interact with the Star Wars Unleashed community, one way, which is the most used is to participate in our Role Playing Games where you play your favorite Star Wars character in the Star Wars Unleashed galaxy, where you are the representants of good and evil, not the well known characters from the real Star Wars universe. You can access the Role Playing Boards via the site or at this URL: http://swub.swu.dk.

A lot of people also go to the Star Wars Unleashed IRC (Internet Relay Chat) chat server, so should you, a lot of talk is going on there, most of the members have fun talking to each other, learning each other better to know as well as having fun role playing their character. However, it's expected that people behave in the chat room, otherwise it can lead to a ban from the server, which we would like to avoid :o). You can access the IRC chat here: Star Wars Unleashed Chat page.

Is it FREE to be a member of Star Wars Unleashed?

Since Star Wars Unleashed is a NON PROFIT organization, it is totally FREE to be a member of the Star Wars Unleashed.

Where on the Star Wars timeline does Star Wars Unleashed takes place?

Star Wars Unleashed is currently set a few years after the end of the Clone War. Please visit our timeline for more information.

How can I join the Star Wars Unleashed?

Joining Star Wars Unleashed is simple! Visit our message boards, create an account, and read the New Member FAQ! If you need any more assistance, you can contact one of the admins or visit us on IRC.

How can I know if my character has the force?

That is a thing you can only check in the Star Wars Unleashed Manager, since if your character has the force or not is decided by the primary SWU Manager Server at the time you join. However, it is important that you know that the Manager will tell you that your Force Sensitivity is unknown till you have been tested by a member mastering the force already. To get more information on this, please ask on the boards or in the chat.

What is the system requirements for SWU Manager?

These will be released when the SWU Manager v1.0.0 is due to release, but it is for sure you will need a Win32 based OS (Win9x/NT/2000/ME/XP) and an internet connection.

I have further questions that needs an answer!

In that case feel free to e-mail the Star Wars Unleashed Administration at: admin@swunleashed.com or post on the Star Wars Unleashed Message Boards at: http://swub.swu.dk.

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