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Welcome to the Star Wars Unleashed Manager Section, here you can find everything you need to know about the Star Wars Unleashed Manager, which is the client interface for the Star Wars Unleashed Simulation. The Star Wars Unleashed Manager is programmed according to the Star Wars Unleashed Rules, and will be extended featurewise as time goes by. The Star Wars Unleashed Manager is an ever growing project, which have the sole purpose to provide an userfriendly interface for the Star Wars Unleashed Members.

( The Star Wars Unleashed Manager )

On this page you will find links to download the Star Wars Unleashed Manager as well as any other subject associated with the Manager itself.


This Star Wars Unleashed Manager is based on a new server structure and a greatly revised character creation system, therefore old members will have to reregister! However, if you register using the e-mail account you have in your current SWUManager and type in your character description on join that you wish to keep your XP from your old account, those will be transferred to your new SWUManager account. Failing to do this, and you will loose all the XP that your old character had.

Star Wars Unleashed Manager Links

Star Wars Unleashed Manager Information

Current version: 0.7.1 BETA (1.0.2 For Template Maker Plug-In)
Platform: Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP (Hoping to port to other platforms at a later time)

Star Wars Unleashed Manager Download

This download contains the Star Wars Unleashed Manager Win32 client as well as the Template Maker Plug-In. Don't forget to un-install any previous version of SWUM before installing the newest release (This does not include patches). Please select a mirror below:


NOTE After installing Star Wars Unleashed Manager we STRONGLY advice you to delete the install files since some members have repported problems on older windows platforms. Furthermore you may during the install be told that the file InstMsiA.exe or InstMsiW.exe is missing. This is because you do not have Microsoft Installer installed on your computer. None of these problems should occur on Windows XP. However, you can find InstMsiA.exe and InstMsiW.exe at the following location:

(If the links above are broken, please refer to the download site on microsoft.com or ask an admin)

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