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SWU Timeline based on RPG


This timeline is meant as an introduction to the SWU Galaxy for new SWU Members, we hope that you get a general idea on how SWU is structured In Character wise, and can use this as a base for your membership in the Star Wars Unleashed sim.

.:Current SWU Timeline:.

ARE = After Rise of the Empire, BRE = Before the Rise of the Empire

It is a time of relative calm in the galaxy. The Galactic Republic, the only recognized body of government in the universe, rules with the virtue of justice and the principle that all peoples of the galaxy are created equal. Since the formation of the Galactic Republic, war has all but been eliminated, the only major conflicts have been limited to single star systems or to single planets, and it was a time of peace and calm. Under the banner of the Galactic Republic, member worlds are free to exchange goods and services relatively tax and tariff free. The laws of the Republic have stood since its formation, laws which have come into contention as of late...

25,000 Years Before Present Time

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, a great conflict arose between two warring factions, the Jedi and the Sith. Both groups harnessed and used what they call as "the Force" to fight their battles. The Jedi representing the side of good and the just, whereas the Sith used their powers for Evil and Chaos. The outcome of the "Great Sith War" has been lost to the ages but it is commonly believed that the Jedi were defeated.

21,000 Years Before Present Time

The Second Sith War shakes the galaxy. The Jedi had regrouped and began to re-emerge into the galaxy. Again they had reached out to the Republic, those who held the same goals in mind. However, again the Sith were able to draw upon a stronger power. Devastation racked their numbers once more.

14,000 Years Before Present Time

A Third Sith War is prevented by forces of the Sith loyal to the Dark Lord of the Sith during an attempted coup by his younger brother. The Sith decimated themselves in a civil war that lasts several years. Despite this civil war amongst the Sith, fighting against the Jedi still continued, albeit in much smaller number and scale.

10,000 Years Before Present Time

The Galactic Republic was established on Coruscant and it soon spreads, with the help of hyperdrive technology, to the rest of the known galaxy. As new routes and planets were discovered and colonized, the Republic became much more powerful.

4,000 Years Before Present Time

The Sith once again return in full force. They strike for the very heart of the Republic as well as the Jedi. The Republic was unprepared, making the Jedi victory barely that. Again everything had been thrust into ruin by the Sith. The Sith were forced into retreat, however. But this was not the end. Many Jedi losing their focus on what was truly important fell to the darkside in their driven desire to destroy the Sith once and for all. Some Jedi Masters believe that there was another force at work as well.

3,500 Years Before Present Time

The Dark Jedi cults formed from those Jedi who had fallen and been expelled from the Republic were over runned in a war with the Sith. There is little knowledge of this battle, other than the remnants and artifacts later collected by the Jedi.

3,000 Years Before Present Time

3000 years prior to events of the Clone Wars, Black Sun emerges from the remnants of The Exchange, the ruling intergalactic criminal cartel. The Exchange was decimated by events following the Mandalorian wars, caught between the forces of the Jedi & the republic, and the renewed conflict with various factions of the Sith.

1,000 Years Before Present Time

The Republic declares that the galaxy is at a peaceful time in its history. Member worlds of the Republic rejoice in the prosperity of the Republic. While some strife does exist among planets and systems, there is no group openly attacking the Republic.

300 Years Before Present Time

300 years prior to the breakout of the clone wars, the Senate of the Republic voted on a resolution to allow a small section of the galaxy to be purchased & controlled by what is now called the "Direx Board". This was a coalition of several of the large, but secondary rated corporations that had been hamstrung by the major corporate powers within the galaxy's economy.

Given a sparse number of stars in an outlying section of the galaxy, the Direx Board was given leave to operate within their borders as they see fit, limited only by the limitations imposed by Republic Law. Except for the odd Jedi who wandered through the Corporate Sector, the laws of the republic were easily cast asside by a combination of secrecy & bribery involving a number of paid off officials within the Republic's bureaucracy.

23 Years Before Present Time (18 Years BRE)

With the Republic still in a period of peace, several new civilian services are brought before the Senate. A controversial bill also comes with these proposals, stating that taxes in the Republic would greatly benefit the Republic and help support the services proposed at the time. Forensa Aladay, a Senator from Kuat, addressed the Senate with a strong argument that such taxation on imports and exports from the non-coreworld sectors, especially the Outer Rim territories, would provide the monetary income to assist in bettering the Republic. A vote was eventually called on the bill. The results were quite split, with the Coreworlds voting in favor of the bill, while all other regions voting against it.

Though the vote failed to pass, several Senators still spoke out against the bill. One of these was Senator Naro Harvick, who spoke how such taxes would actually lead to the downfall of the Republic. Many people listened to him eagerly, which earned him the respect of those around him. One person who took an interest in him was Senator Palpatine of Naboo.

18 Years Before Present Time (13 Years BRE)

The Trade Federation imposes a blockade on the planet of Naboo over a taxation issue. Two Jedi, Qui-gon Jinn and Obiwan Kenobi, are dispatched to resolve the situation. They soon discover that the Trade Federation has no real interest in negociations. While they are involved in this situation, information about the blockade work their way to the Republic Senate. Queen Amadala, having made her way through the blockade thanks to the help of the two Jedi, is able to speak to the Senate in person about the toll her people are taking in the blockade. During her speech, she moves for a vote of no confidence in the Supreme Chancellor. Several outstanding Senators come up in the running to replace him, including Bail Organa of Alderaan, Senator Palpatine of Naboo, and Naro Harvick of Corsin. In the end, Palpatine wins the vote.

During the time of the Naboo incident, a young Jedi hopeful named Anakin Skywalker is discovered on Tatooine. Though too old to begin the trials, he is reluctantly allowed to be trained by the newly knighted Obiwan Kenobi.

Several months after the resolution of the Naboo conflict, Chancellor Palpatine, under the advice of Senator Harvick, begins to introduce small tax plans into the Republic economy. While they are not as burdensome as those presented to the Republic years earlier, they still go against the statements originally put down by Senator Harvick those years ago.

Meanwhile, a group known as "Black Sun" hears of the Trade Federation's efforts at Naboo. Seeing the Federation as a rival, this group begins growing in prominence in the outer and mid rims, mostly working to beat around the Republic's taxes. Smuggling and gunrunning services are offered: for a reasonable price, of course.

The events on Naboo cause a small stirring in the Jedi Counsel. During the Naboo incident, Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn was struck down by a Sith, who Kenobi later killed. This return of the Sith makes the Counsel cautious, as they now feel a second Sith exists.

13 Years Before Present Time (8 Years BRE)

In the corner of the galaxy, contact is made with a group known as the Seventh Legion. While not too much information is known, the Republic Senate is made aware of their presense. Several Senators, including one Varhn Maxillim, suggest that the Republic open negociations with them. While contact is eventually made, open communications never come to fruition.

With the Trade Federation's control someone weakened from the events occuring 5 years prior, Black Sun was able to thrive. Having grown into a powerful crime syndicate, their influence spread to more systems and partner groups.

9 Years Before Present Time (4 Years BRE)

Republic scouts note that the mysterious group known as the "Seventh Legion" has entered the galaxy. Senator Maxillim wishes to lead a diplomatic corp to meet with them. However, Chancellor Palpatine, under guidance from people like Senator Harvick, decides against such a meeting. Instead, he himself opens communications from Coruscant. The actual diplomatic talks are never revealed, but Palpatine insists that the Legion is not a threat.

Meanwhile, the Trade Federation also opens negociations with the Legion, though their interests are purely monetary at this point.

8 Years Before Present Time (3 Years BRE)

After tensions increase among certain systems, a Seperatist movement begins. Systems withdraw from the Republic and begin arming themselves. Chancellor Palpatine conducts negociations with those star systems, but little comes from his repeated attempts for them to rejoin the Republic. Meanwhile, Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi discovers a Clone Army that is being secretly built for the Republic.

After meeting with the Kaminoan cloners, Master Kenobi discovers the source of the genetic materials: a bounty hunter called Jango Fett, who appears to be the same bounty hunter that had attempted to kill Senator Padmé Amidala of Naboo. He follows Fett from Kamino to Geonosis, but is captured there. Anakin Skywalker, while protecting Senator Amidala, hears of Kenobi's capture and the two of them head to Geonosis to rescue him. Meanwhile, Jedi Master Yoda heads to Kamino to learn more about the clone army, while Master Mace Windu leads a Jedi strike force to Geonosis.

At Geonosis, Kenobi discovers that Count Dooku, a former Jedi Master, is leading the Seperatist movement and has the support of such groups as the Trade Federation, the Banking Clans, and the Commerce Guild. Mentions are made of the Seventh Legion, though it appears they are more or less being coerced by the Seperatists instead of just fighting for the same ideals.

Though attempting to rescue Kenobi, Skywalker and Amidala are themselves captured. Just moments before they would be killed, Master Windu's Jedi strike force arrives, and the opening battle of the Clone Wars begin. Hundreds upon hundreds of battle droids enter the arena where the execution was to be. However, while quite skilled in combat, the sheer number of droids overwhelm the Jedi. The majority of the Jedi that came with the strike force are killed. During the fight, Mace Windu kills Jango Fett.

When it appears as though the remaining Jedi will be killed, Master Yoda arrives with the Clone Army. They begin taking on the large droid army that has been constructed and organized on Geonosis. Wanting to end the Seperatists here and now, Jedis Kenobi and Skywalker pursue Count Dooku as he attempts to flee. They encounter him just moments before he enters his ship to escape. The two of them engage Dooku but are unable to overcome him. However, Master Yoda arrives in the hanger bay as well. Together, the three of them are able to surround and overcome Count Dooku, striking him down. While they had hoped the Seperatists would crumble without him, they still hold together strong.

The Clone Wars have begun: The Republic vs The Seperatist forces.

Jedi Anakin Skywalker secretly marries Senator Padmé Amidala

With Count Dooku dead, the Sith known as Darth Sidious secretly finds himself a new Sith apprentice. He sends this new apprentice, Darth Nomous, to lead and operate the Seperatists. While this apprentice never reveals his identity to the Seperatists leaders, his cloaked silhouette becomes known among the leadership.

6.5 Years Before Present Time (1.5 Years BRE)

The Clone Wars which have ravaged the galaxy for the past year and a half continue on. The Jedi, guardians of the Republic, are taking the lead with the Republic's Clone Army, leading troops to victory in many battles. However, the Seperatists are not so easy to defeat. They, too, are having their victories. With the war continuing on, darkness seems to spread throughout the galaxy.

Wanting to learn more about all of the participants of this war, the Jedi send a small contingency to the far reaches of the outer rim, looking for more information about this "Seventh Legion" that are supposedly in league with the Seperatists. The handful of Jedi sent out never come back, though broken and fragmented recordings are transmitted back to the Republic. From these, the Jedi Counsel assume that this Legion are not fully aware of galactic events, possibly not even part of the war. The recordings also show a disturbing event: The Jedi sent out are slaughtered by a Sith before they could escape. The Counsel now knows another Sith exists in the galaxy. Where and who, though, they do not know.

6 Years Before Present Time (1 Year BRE)

The Seperatists make several daring raids and strikes against Republic instillations. These victories are credited to both the Seperatist leadership as well as to the one in charge of their military forces, General Grevious. Grevious, a droid commander, begins making more and more bold strikes with his droid armies, forcing the Republic to increase their defensive attempts. The Jedi, however, prove helpful against these armies.

With no end of the conflict in immediate sight, Chancellor Palpatine, working through several Senators, has the Galactic Senate transfer more emergency powers to him. These allow for quicker military responses and, in appearance, looks to be beneficial to the Republic at this time. The Chancellor, while receiving these powers, promises to release these powers once the war is over.

Meanwhile, during this conflict, Black Sun and other backstream organizations work to prosper themselves while the Republic and the rest of the galaxy are in turmoil.

5 Years Before Present Time (0 BRE/ARE)

In a bold move, General Grevious brought a strike force to Coruscant, where he captured Chancellor Palpatine. Having planned this with Darth Nomous and Darth Sidious, Grevious moved in quickly with an intention to leave Coruscant. With the Chancellor in custody, it would be possible to use him as a hostage, maybe even to get the Republic to surrender.

However, the Jedi send in two of their own to rescue Palpatine: Jedi Master Obi-wan Kenobi and Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker. After landing on Grevious' ship, they made their way up to the Spire on the top of the ship. There, in restraints, was Chancellor Palpatine. Obi-wan and Anakin approached him to release him. However, behind them, approached a pair of super battle droids flanking General Grevious. The two Jedi faced off against Grevious, who was able to hold them off with his four arms and lightsabers. Eventually, they are able to overwhelm Grevious in combat. With the droid commander now dead, they began to leave with Palpatine. However, Darth Nomous captured them while they are attempting to escape, bringing them to the bridge. After a few words of taunt, he left the bridge to let the droids handle the restrained Jedi. However, they break from their restraints and take control of the ship, which was starting to descend towards Coruscant at that point. They crash on a Republic landing strip, and after a thorough search, Nomous was nowhere to be found on the ship.

Upon his return, Chancellor Palpatine met with Senator Harvick and other important Senators, as well as Jedi Masters Windu and Yoda, to work out plans to overcome the Seperatists. Though Grevious was dead, Nomous was still in command of the Seperatists. Republic intelligence quickly reported that Nomous had promoted a new person to command the droid army, General Yarworth, a humanoid officer.

Wanting to end the conflict, the Jedi began looking for the Seperatist leaders and Darth Nomous. Though intelligence didn't come about Nomous, they did discover that the Seperatist leaders, including General Yarworth, were on Utapau. Master Kenobi was chosen to lead the strike force to Utapau. He landed on Utapau and began to explore the cities. The natives lead him to a large droid installation. There, he encountered General Yarworth and his droid protectors. The droids as a whole stayed back while Yarworth faced off against Kenobi. However, the general and his droid protectors quickly fell. Meanwhile, Kenobi's clone division moved in and began to engage the droid army. With his mission successful, Kenobi planned to report his success to the Counsel. However, at his landing pad, Kenobi encountered Darth Nomous. Nomous announced that Kenobi's mission was a failure and that he would not be reporting to anyone. Several battledroids took guard at the entrance, leaving Nomous and Kenobi in the middle of the landing area. The two engaged in a heated lightsaber battle. With the two sabers locked, Nomous called in his battledroids. Kenobi, overwhelmed by the skilled Sith and the droids, was eventually shot. As he lay on the ground, Nomous proclaimed the fall of the Jedi, and proceeded to stab him in the chest. With the fight over, Nomous ordered his droids back into the fighting, while he himself prepared to leave for Coruscant.

Meanwhile, on Coruscant itself, Anakin Skywalker learned a terrible secret about Chancellor Palpatine: He was Darth Sidious. Though initially wanting to kill him there, Anakin decided to inform the Jedi Counsel about Palpatine's identity. Attempting to apprehend him, Jedi Master Mace Windu, along with Jedi Masters Agen Kolar, Kit Fisto and Saesee Tiin, entered Palpatine's office. However, he struck back, striking down the three masters with Windu and engaging him in a fierce lightsaber battle. Windu almost had defeated Palpatine, but Anakin arrived and interfered, resulting in Windu's death. Immediately thereafter, Palpatine declared Anakin to be his new apprentice: Darth Vader.

As Palpatine ordered the destruction of the 'traitorous Jedi' at the hands of Anakin and the Clone Army, Darth Nomous returned to Coruscant. The attack on the Jedi Temple clearly caught his attention, and after some time studying it from a distance, it became clear what had happened: Palpatine had betrayed Nomous, possibly hoping he'd die at Utapau, and claiming a new apprentice, Anakin as Darth Vader, for himself. Nomous, enraged, quickly made plans...

Senator Amidala, fearing for her husband, watched as the Jedi Temple burned. Senator Harvick arrived at her balcony to see as well. Both of them could tell that something wasn't right. Even Senator Harvick's attempts to contact the Chancellor had failed. In agreement, they were able to find a trio of Jedi to come protect them. The Jedi, not knowing all of the details, spoke of what was going on inside the Jedi Temple, including the killing of Younglings. This horrified Senator Amidala, who now awaited news of her husband eagerly. Anakin soon arrived at her balcony, enraged to find the Jedi there. The three Jedi, seeing the aggression, prepared for the inevitable battle. Anakin had an easy time disposing of them. As the last of the three Jedi fell, Padmé let out a scream and fell to the ground, a hole in her stomach, killing her and her unborn children. To her side was Harvick's body, where he had been knocked aside. Behind her stood Darth Nomous, who had just impaled her on his red lightsaber. Anakin and Nomous engaged in combat: Anakin was upset that his wife was dead.. furious, even. Nomous was enraged that Anakin had taken his place as Palpatine's apprentice. Between them, the dark side surged in combat, both of them drawing upon the force in every way possible. Anakin's love for Padme caused him to look at her fallen body at one point in the fight, an opening that Nomous used, slicing at Anakin. Anakin fell to his knees, his side cut open. With a feeling of accomplishment, Nomous force pushed Anakin over the edge, Anakin dying upon impact on the ground hundreds of meters below.

Meanwhile, Chancellor Palpatine informed the Senate of the reformation of the Republic into the first Galactic Empire, for a safe and secure society. Most in the Senate chamber applauded in agreement, though some did not.

With one opponent gone, Nomous headed to the Chancellor's office to meet Palpatine. As expected, Palpatine was there, though surprised to see Nomous still alive. Nomous revealed that he just killed Anakin. Palpatine, angered that he had lost Darth Vader, declared his intent to kill Nomous as well. The two of them engaged in combat, combat that eventually led to them fighting in the main senate chamber, now empty of Senators. However, Palpatine was over confident in his combat, which Nomous used to his advantage. Using the Senate platforms, Nomous was able to overwhelm Palpatine and finally crush him at the bottom of the Senate he had taken its power from.

With Darth Sidious/Palpatine dead, Darth Nomous ordered the Seperatists to surrender. The War was over, but it was costly. While he could've taken power, Nomous instead left, returning to the shadows... the Jedi gone, he was now safe. With the turmoil from recent events, the Senate restored the power it had, if not in part, and voted a new person into power. Oul Transena became the new Emperor, quickly regaining control and order that was needed to secure this new Empire.

After many of the upper levels of Black Sun were decimated, not only once, but twice by the Sith during the process leading up to the start of the clone wars, and during a botched attempt to play both sides of the conflict that resulted in the Underlord of the time losing his head to a Sith Lord's lightsaber, there was a brief, but violent power struggle for leadership of the once mighty organization.

Jeraq Moridin, unbeknownst to his opponents within Black Sun, was the mastermind behind the decimation of Black Sun's high command, having secretly set into motion the "mistakes" that cost the Underlord and his top lieutenants their lives.

Many of the hopeful to replace the Underlord were swiftly cut down by Moridin's sleeper agents within each of the opposing camps. And within hours the opposition to his rise to the top were decimated from within.

Part of the original plans of Black Sun, however, did come to bear fruit for the organization, post mortem of the previous Underlord's attempts to expand the organization by playing both sides in the Clone wars. As the Seperatists & the Republic fought over control of the Galaxy, Black Sun worked quietly to eliminate competition within the Direx Board of the C.S.A. and as the Republic breathed it's last breath and was born into Empire, Black Sun was solidifying it's control of the Corporate Sector.

4 Year Before Present Time (1 Year ARE)

Black Sun has been shrouded by the shadows once again, the Jedi are no more, and the Sith are said to be a myth used by the Jedi to attempt to take control of the Republic. Even the new Underlord himself seems to have vanished, a shadowy figure few, if any ever meet face to face, Jeraq Moridin, seemingly the one who was on track to claim the Shadow Throne is found to be the Underlord's personal agent within and outside of the organization.

Within the newly aquired Corporate Sector, President Cage is consolidating what's left of the Seperatist's Corporate assets into the Authority's control. Bringing it's enourmous wealth & production mechanisms under Black Sun's direct control. Albeit, that fact is hidden to all outside of the Direx Board that governs the CSA.

But with a new war brewing, one of open rebellion against the galactic empire which now governs what was once the Republic, what are Black Sun's plans to survive & prosper in this new era... only time, and the fortunate to survive bearing witness to events may know for certain.

Though the Clone Wars ended a year prior, several systems threaten to seced from the Empire. As a show of force, and to give an example to the rest of the galaxy, the Empire performed "Operation Delta Zero", a blockade of Naboo. Several systems didn't agree with this tactic. To the surprise of the Empire, a group of ships eventually do try to break the blockade. The ships, announcing themselves as freedom fighters and part of an "Alliance", try to fight the Imperial ships. They fail in the end, but the stirrings of rebellion are felt all the way to the Emperor... What is the future of this Rebellion? Will the Empire rule forever?

Present Time (1 Year Ago) (4 Years ARE)

Having been through two Emperors already, the Empire was being once again threatened with the loss of their Supreme Ruler. While Emperor Carpathia's health continued to fail him on Coruscant, Imperial Forces were hard at work maintaining order and discipline throughout the Imperium. During a daring move to blockade the planet of Naboo, forces from the Corporate Sector Authority quickly found themselves facing the full fury of two fleets dispatched from the Sesswenna Sector Navy. Additionally, ground forces were quickly mobilized and forwarded crucial information regarding capabilities of the CSA landing force.

Unknown to the Corporate Sector Authority, Naboo happened to be the home planet of Marcello Matteo, a Rear Admiral in the Imperial Navy and special assistant to Coral Dayton, Director of the Combined Imperial Intelligence Directorate. Working in tandem, the two men propelled Imperial Intelligence organizations to the height of their effectiveness.

Called to a private meeting on Coruscant, Director Dayton and Admiral Matteo were forced to depart the CIID Headquarters immediately. Upon arrival, they were informed of the Emperor's passing. More importantly, the Emperor had left instructions for Dayton to assume the throne in the event of his death. As such, Coral Dayton became the fourth Emperor of the Galaxy. Marcello Matteo was appointed as the Military Chief of Staff before shortly being advanced to the position of Executor to the Throne. Productivity flourished under the new Imperial leadership.

Following the aborted operation to the Hapes Cluster, the Emperor and Executor began making plans to sweep out the remains of the Old Republic. As such, their ambitious eyes turned towards the Galactic Senate. In one sweeping move, the last elements of democracy were forcefully dismissed from service. Those that had been pre-identified as dissidents were eliminated by members of the Emperor's elite Royal Guard. However, one senator managed to escape the unexpected attacks. Senator Kiara Michaels fled to her home world where she was confronted by both the Emperor and Executor. Fortunately, for the Senator, two Jedi, the last of an all but dead breed, came to her aid. After a heated battle between the two Imperials and Jedi, Senator Michaels and her Jedi saviors managed to escape the planet. In a fit of supreme rage, Executor Matteo ordered all Imperial forces of the planet of Andara before quickly ordering its complete destruction.

The destruction of Andara sent ripples throughout the Galaxy. Systems that had been on the fence began to turn from the Empire. However, the Imperial Administration seemed not to be overly concerned. No, there was a bigger problem at hand...the presence of Jedi. Fearing that Palpatine had not completed the job, both the Emperor and Executor - revealed to the Jedi to be Dark Jedi themselves set out on their quest to crush the lightsiders.

Meanwhile, Senator Michaels joined forces with the band of freedom fighters that had been resisting the Empire. In a matter of weeks, she had worked with Admiral Jason Sharpe to establish the Rebel Alliance. In a bold move, the Rebel Alliance struck a diplomatic deal with the Mon Calamari. Unfortunately, the system's Quarren inhabitants felt ignored and deprived of respect. What ensued was the Empire's notification of the Alliance's movement. In a swift and brutal strike, two Assault Groups converged on the system. Rebel forces left in place were completely wiped out, shipyards completely destroyed. At the end of the battle, not a single Mon Calamari was left standing. Executor Matteo went as far to order the summary execution of civilians, women, and children for "High Treason".

At the same time, a covert GE agent who had managed to infiltrate the Rebel Alliance went to work in an attempt to remove RA leadership. Alliance Supreme Commander, Jason Sharpe, was killed during the attack. However, Senator Michaels, now President of the Provisionary Council Michaels, was saved once again by her Jedi saviors. However, it would seem that her physical health had...deteriorated somehow.

Returning to Coruscant, Executor Matteo realized that the Emperor had fled the sector. Reaching out through the force for his former master, Marcello realized that he could no longer feel his presence, meaning the Emperor was dead or cut off from the force. In a momentary decision, Marcello also left Coruscant...in search of long dead secrets he had only heard of and read about in old files archived by Emperor Palpatine. A month later, Executor Matteo returned to Coruscant, heavily seduced by the lure of the darkside and teachings of a Sith Master thought to be dead, Darth Nomous.

This is where the history of this galaxy begins. Executor Matteo has just claimed his rightful place on the Throne of the Empire, accepting the position of Galactic Sovereign. In the wake of his ascension, sweeping policy changes rippled throughout the Empire. Lord Kyros Terrian was named Executor to the Throne and Supreme Commander of the Imperial Military while Grand Vizier Tavria Treyson became the new Chairman of COMPNOR and Head of Imperial Government.

Within the Rebel Alliance, President Michaels appointed former Vice Admiral Nizura Winter as the new Supreme Commander. Even with the devastating loss at Mon Calamari, Rebel forces regrouped and continued to press forward with their objective. Similarly, the Jedi too found new purpose, frantically attempting to re-establish some sort of secret Jedi Order and find other allies. Meanwhile, Darth Nomous and Darth Augustus quickly began organizing their own followers...in preparation for things to come.

.:Former Timeline:.

by Wraith, edited by Nailah Linn

It is a time of relative calm in the galaxy. The Galactic Republic, the only recognized body of government in the universe, rules with the virtue of justice and the principle that all peoples of the galaxy are created equal. Since the formation of the Galactic Republic, war has all but been eliminated, the only major conflicts have been limited to single star systems or to single planets, and it was a time of peace and calm. Under the banner of the Galactic Republic, member worlds are free to exchange goods and services relatively tax and tariff free. The laws of the Republic have stood since its formation, laws which have come into contention as of late...

25,000 Years Before Present Time

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, a great conflict arose between two warring factions, the Jedi and the Sith. Both groups harnessed and used what they call as "the Force" to fight their battles. The Jedi representing the side of good and the just, whereas the Sith used their powers for Evil and Chaos. The outcome of the "Great Sith War" has been lost to the ages but it is commonly believed that the Jedi were defeated.

21,000 Years Before Present Time

The Second Sith War shakes the galaxy. The Jedi had regrouped and began to re-emerge into the galaxy. Again they had reached out to the Republic, those who held the same goals in mind. However, again the Sith were able to draw upon a stronger power. Devastation racked their numbers once more.

14,000 Years Before Present Time

A Third Sith War is prevented by forces of the Sith loyal to the Dark Lord of the Sith during an attempted coup by his younger brother. The Sith decimated themselves in a civil war that lasts several years. Despite this civil war amongst the Sith, fighting against the Jedi still continued, albeit in much smaller number and scale.

10,000 Years Before Present Time

The Galactic Republic was established on Coruscant and it soon spreads, with the help of hyperdrive technology, to the rest of the known galaxy. As new routes and planets were discovered and colonized, the Republic became much more powerful.

4,000 Years Before Present Time

The Sith once again return in full force. They strike for the very heart of the Republic as well as the Jedi. The Republic was unprepared, making the Jedi victory barely that. Again everything had been thrust into ruin by the Sith. The Sith were forced into retreat, however. But this was not the end. Many Jedi losing their focus on what was truly important fell to the darkside in their driven desire to destroy the Sith once and for all. Some Jedi Masters believe that there was another force at work as well.

3,500 Years Before Present Time

The Dark Jedi cults formed from those Jedi who had fallen and been expelled from the Republic were over runned in a war with the Sith. There is little knowledge of this battle, other than the remnants and artifacts later collected by the Jedi.

20 Years Before Present Time

Forensa Aladay, a Senator from Kuat, addressed the Galactic Senate on a proposed bill that would force taxation on imports and exports coming from the all non-coreworld sectors, especially the Outer Rim territories. Arguing that the taxes could greatly benefit the Republic, she convinced the Senate to take a vote on the matter, the Senate voted along territorial lines, the Coreworlds voted in favor of the bill, while all other regions voted against, the bill failed to be implemented. Meanwhile, Senator Oul Transena from Alderaan, began an argument that the law would stand in the way of progress and stability of the Republic, his dynamic argument mesmerized and captivated the Senate and he was quickly elected to the office of High Chancellor.

14 Years Before Present Time

The new High Chancellor quickly instated a series of taxes on all imports and exports, dropping the very policy that got him elected. Stating that the Republic was in need of funds and taxation was only a small price to pay for the stability and progress of the Republic, the general public agreed, Coruscant continued to cheer on and support their High Chancellor.

A group known only as "Black Sun" began growing in prominence in the outer and mid rims as a way of beating the Republic's taxes, they began to offer smuggling and gunrunning services at a reasonable price.

10 Year Before Present Time

Chancellor Transena made the stunning announcement that contact has been made with a "civilization that lives beyond our stars". He quickly asked the Senate to give him emergency powers in this "Profound and unseen crisis" against the Seventh Legion. Certain members of the senate especially Varhn Maxillim, a Senator from Naboo, spoke out against the High Chancellor's "Uncalled for declaration of war". Senator Maxillim vehemently suggested that the Republic should make peaceful contact with these new people in the name of exploration. However, despite the opposition from several prominent systems, the Senate voted to give the High Chancellor emergency powers and he immediately built an army and navy for the Republic, one that was much larger and more powerful than any military force ever seen in the galaxy. The Republic military machine made its campaign on the "invaders".

Meanwhile, "Black Sun" grew into a powerful crime syndicate, thriving on the illegitimate smuggling and trading business. Black Sun affiliates and partner groups began to appear on several worlds.

6 Years Before Present Time

The High Chancellor made the announcement that the threat has moved from the unknown regions to the known galaxy. He stated that the invaders have infiltrated key worlds in the Republic, he suggested that the infiltrators were "preparing to tear us apart from the inside". The Republic Military garrisoned many key Republic Worlds especially Naboo. Public outcry was heard for the removal of military forces but the High Chancellor ignored the call. Armed resistance, in the form of small guerilla forces, sprang up across the galaxy but was not strong or large enough to break the back of the Republic War Machine.

42 Months Before Present Time

A Jedi detachment is sent to an out laying planet to investigate the attacks by this so called “Seventh Legion”.

During that time the Sith reached out for their final blow against the Jedi, but it was badly timed. The Jedi who had gone on missions away from the republic escape their attack. Nevertheless the remaining Jedi and the leading Jedi are virtually wiped out in the suicide bombing of the Jedi Temple.

3 Years Before Present Time

The Republic Senate is in turmoil over the military crisis. The High Chancellor has no proof of alien infiltration but finds an excuse to keep the garrisons due to "rising terrorist actions” against the Republic. Senator Maxillim made a stunning speech to the Senate, stating that his planet, along with several other systems were seceding from the Republic due to the actions of the High Chancellor. In a stunning move, Varhn Maxillim walked out of the Senate building along with several discrete but sorely disgruntled senators.

The High Chancellor, taking advantage of the situation, decided to make use of it to make a power play. He seized all power of the Republic for himself, resolved the Senate stating, "A group of bureaucrats can not make the necessary decisions needed to save the Republic" and declared himself Emperor. He renamed the "Galactic Republic" to the "Galactic Empire" and immediately began to wage a massive war against the "infiltrators" Seventh Legion and the uprising separatist movement, which would last for many years to come.

The newly formed separatist organization, calling themselves the "Rebel Alliance", a group of anti-Imperials, allied themselves with a small group of "Jedi" survivors.

The "Sith" made their come back into the galaxy, their dark presence although not completely public began to penetrate and perpetuate every corner of the galaxy, their presence becoming stronger within the Galactic Empire.

1 Year Before Present Time

The Galactic Empire performed the "Operation Delta Zero" blockade tactic on Naboo in retaliation for the secession of that system from the Republic. In a daring but eventually futile counter-attack, a group of Starships calling themselves the "Rebel Alliance", headed by none other than Varhn Maxillim showed up in the system and did battle with the Galactic Empire. Although they fought bravely and courageously, they were not in time to save Naboo. The Rebel Alliance eventually retreated realizing the day was lost to them, but they vowed to fight the Galactic Empire to the end. Naboo was scarred from the battle, many civilians including a large majority of Gungans were killed in the heat of war and the Galactic Empire conquered the planet. Varhn Maxillim, the heroic Rebel leader was found dead within the grounds of the Naboo palace where he tried to save Queen Selantrial, whose body was found next to his. Nicholas Antilla of Corellia, second in command to Maxillim, was elected to replace the fallen leader of the Rebel Alliance.

Present Time

The War rages on between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance, with no end in sight. The Seventh Legion, the so-called “invaders” of the Galactic Republic begin their fight to carve a name and place for themselves in the universe. The Black Sun crime syndicate begins its campaign to control the face of crime throughout the galaxy. More importantly, the Jedi and the Sith renew their long term conflict of Good versus Evil. Which side will you choose? The choice lies within the palm of your hand.

Below is the history dating back to the beginning of the Star Wars Unleashed In Character wise, and is meant in a way as a memory of the old Star Wars Unleashed. It can however still be used to get a picture of how the Star Wars Unleashed works.

.:The History of SWU:.

by Artemis Gordon

SWU Year 1, Day 1
Mark Metallic broadcasts the live execution of a young trouble-maker.
Rebel Alliance Chief of State Parje Saral interrupts the broadcast to identify the victim.
Rebel Alliance Minister of War Ton Phanan also interrupts the broadcast to defame Metallic.
ilKhan Natasha Kerenski of Hapes orders the deploying of multiple spy droids.
Mark Metallic orders a strike on the rebel base, Ysanne Isard leads the fleet, and General Zuggs leads the troops.
Gage Blackwood reports to Parje Saral that the empire has traced their signal and is bringing their fleet.
Darknend is demoted from head of Imperial Intelligence. He begins plotting a vendetta against Ysanne Isard.
Parje Saral orders the evacuation of the rebel base on Bestine.

SWU Year 1, Day 2
Parje Saral mobilizes the rebel fleet.
Ysanne Isard arrives in the Bestine system and begins an attack on the rebel fleet.
Artemis Gordon leads a failed assault on the Imperial Star Destroyer "Reprisal" and is captured.
The rebel fleet evacuates, with the exception of the rebel command ship "Defiant" which is quickly destroyed. Parje Saral and Ton Phanan escape in a small escape pod, the hyperdrive malfunctions, and they are picked up by a bounty hunter.
Ysanne Isard attempts to interrogate Artemis Gordon with no success.

SWU Year 1, Day 5
Parje Saral and Ton Phanan are delivered to ilKhan Natasha Kerenski. They escape and the ilKhan kills the bounty hunter.
Artemis Gordon is taken to Karl Hasra on board the "Reprisal" and is successfully interogated. Hasra learns of the fleet's rendezvous location and sends the coordinates to Isard.
Darknend frees Artemis Gordon and gives him the means to destroy the "Reprisal", after setting the bomb, Artemis Gordon escapes with Darknend and Karl Hasra. The "Reprisal" is destroyed.
Darknend meets up with the rebel fleet before Isard arrives, and prepares to attack her command ship. Darknend reveals his status as temporary leader of Black Sun. Artemis Gordon is transfered to the Alliance medical frigate "Redemption" for treatment.
Isard's fleet is ambushed, and the super star destroyer "Steel" is rendered non-functional and abandoned. After the destruction of the "Steel" the black sun fleet leaves, and the rebels leave shortly after.
Emperor Mark Metallic orders Isard back to Coruscant for reprimand.
ilKhan Natasha Kerenski salvages the wreck of the super star destroyer "Steel".

SWU Year 1, Day 6
Darth Jones and Lord Kharpu quell a small rebellion on the construction site of their new cruiser. Darth Jones contacts Emperor Metallic and expresses his displeasure with the Emperor's recent failures.
ilKhan Natasha Kerenski begins a bizarre genetic experiment.
Artemis Gordon is taken for bacta tank treatment and remembers being nearly killed by Vin Halo.
Matthew Rickman and Vin Halo kill the old leaders of the bounty hunter's guild, and Rickman assumes control.

SWU Year 1, Day 7
Darth Jones punishes the rebel slaves by sucking out their life. He then attempts to infuse his power on a being on the other side of the galaxy and succeeds, killing his unfortunate test subject. Lord Kharpu updates him on project "Death Bringer".
Darknend is executed when Princess Sunstar returns.

SWU Year 1, Day 15
Mark Metallic begins a blockade of Alderaan to lure out the rebel fleet.

SWU Year 1, Day 19
The Rebel Alliance fully establishes their new base.
Artemis Gordon comes out of bacta treatment, and is promoted to the rank of General.
ilKhan Natasha Kerenski hears of an uprising on a Hapes world

SWU Year 1, Day 20
Parje Saral initiates plans for "Operation Overload", an assault on the imperial garrison at Mon Calamari.
ilKhan Natasha Kerenski mobilizes the Hapes Fleet.

SWU Year 1, Day 21
The rebel fleet quickly overcomes the Imperial forces, and frees the majority of Mon Calamari slaves. The search begins for a secret broadcasting submarine that may have already alerted the imperial fleet.
ilKhan Natasha Kerenski uncovers the traitor Star Colonel Isca. She arranges for him to be punished accordingly.
Kevorkian Learns of the death of his best friend.
ilKhan Natasha Kerenski learns of the battle at Mon Calamari. The fleet is mobilized and sent to Mon Calamari.

SWU Year 1, Day 22
The Hapes fleet cuts a lane to the planet and lands troops, they leave on the discovery that Parje Saral is dead.
The Imperial fleet arrives at Mon Calamari and chases the Alliance fleet away, after initiating a bombardment of the planet to punish the remaining Mon Calamari, and destroy the remaining rebel forces, Imperial scouts discover the body of Parje Saral.

SWU Year 1, Day 23
Kevorkian begins a mock battle for his troops.
The rebel fleet arrives back at the base, preparations for Parje Saral's funeral begin.

SWU Year 1, Day 24
Parje Saral's funeral.
Thomas Paris takes control of Incom Corporation from his insane uncle.

SWU Year 1, Day 26
Thomas Paris begins to re-establish client connections with the Rebellion and Hapes.

SWU Year 1, Day 28
Emperor Mark Metallic and Grand Moff Darque begin a plan to draw out Isard's true loyalties

SWU Year 1, Day 30
Fleet Admiral Suba begins an assault on a "Renegade" base, to anger Isard's husband; Admiral Slade of Renegade.

SWU Year 1, Day 31
Isard confronts the Emperor, she and her crew are banished from the empire. Isard leaves, never to be seen again. Or will she return?
Admiral Slade of Renegade destroys the Renegade station that had been captured by Fleet Admiral Suba.
*ilKhan Natasha Kerenksi is now leader of Black Sun, and Princess Sunstar is leader of hapes??*
Thomas Paris begins initial designs on the T-84 Raptor. He presents his design to Kerenski.

SWU Year 1, Day 33
Admiral Slade of Renegade begins construction on a new base. The base is dep in the rim, and appears to be a paradise.
Thomas Paris begins a search for Ysanne Isard.
Artemis Gordon confronts Vin Halo at Incom headquarters. Darth Jones intercedes, giving Gordon the opportunity to escape, barely.
Blackthorne receives mysterious orders from CORE. He begins a journey to Oorfwen Spaceport.

SWU Year 1, Day 36
Darth Jones sends the Chaos Jester to capture an interstellar creature that is attacking DJBS cruisers.

SWU Year 1, Day 37
The Chaos Jester encounters the creature, and attempts to capture it. Although the creature proves to be too powerful for the Chaos Jester, Darth Jones uses his power to subdue it.

SWU year 1, day 38
Mark Metallic orders Admiral Slade of Renegade hunted down, Fleet Admiral Nick Fury is put in charge of his capture.

SWU Year 1, Day 39
Kosh Naranek assumes leadership of Hapes.

SWU Year 1, Day 43
Fleet Admiral Nick Fury abandons his search for Admiral Slade of Renegade due to technical difficulties.

SWU Year 1, Day 45
High Admiral Suba begins an inspection of Incom HQ to locate a missing Imperial-class Star Destroyer.

SWU Year 1, Day 46
High Admiral Suba finds a secondary Incom facility with an Imperial-class Star Destoyer, upon the arrival of his fleet; the ship self-destructs, erasing all evidence.

SWU year 1, day 47
Condar is revived from death by an enigmatic scientist. Upon hearing news of his friends Sunstar and Slade, he begins searching for them.

SWU Year 1, Day 49
A mysterious romantic leaves beautiful poems and gifts for "his love" Sunstar. Condar is suspect.
A CORE Dreadnought recon cruiser is intercepted by an Imperial patrol. The ship; commanded by Admiral Blackthorne, is searching planets for new raw materials.
Emperor Mark Metallic retires, granting the empire to High Admiral Suba. Metallic proceeds to join Ysanne Isard in the corporate sector authority.

SWU Year 1, Day 52
High Admiral Nick Fury takes his first command on a patrol of the Corporate Sector. Several businesses get spooked by the massive fleet.
Admiral Slavik drills his fighter squadrons in a mock-battle.

SWU Year 1, Day 53
Emperor Suba announces his wedding plans with Leanna Kiera

SWU Year 1, Day 57
Emperor Suba puts the Imperial Fleet on maximum alert, all trade and military alliances with the empire are now void.
Ysanne Isard puts out an official statement condemning the empire for it's actions.
Condar has an identity crisis and develops multiple personalities named "John" "Josh" and "Bob". His love life becomes very awkward.

SWU Year 1, Day 58
Mark Metallic fakes his death.

SWU Year 1, Day 60
Khan Storm initiates a surprise attack on the Imperial Fleet with Black Sun's "Scorpion Fleet". Storm is outnumbered and uses poor tactics, he requests back-up from Tyra and Darknend in Black Sun's "Black Widow Fleet". The ilKhan becomes displeased with Storm and comes to the battle to reprimand him personally. Storm uses a Thermal Detonator to destroy the Black Sun command ship, thinking he was killing the ilKhan. Storm is presumed dead, taking 10,000 credits worth of Black Sun equipment, 3 Black Sun officers, and his ship in the blast.
Storm is found in an escape pod badly wounded and in serious trouble with the ilKhan.

SWU Year 1, Day 61
Condar and Sunstar have a romantic evening under the stars during Condar's last day in Hapes. Condar leaves for Incom, leaving many friends behind.

SWU Year 1, Day 62
Supreme Chancellor Swanson tests Rebel defenses, Initially, no Rebel units appear. Swanson takes the fleet into a defensive position and sends out recon units. The rebel fleet hyperjumps around the imperial fleet, taking them by surprise. Total rebel losses are: 35% total fighters, 2 dreadnoughts, 3 MC-40 cruisers, and 3 Nebulon-B frigates. Imperial losses were minimal.

SWU Year 1, Day 64
Queen Sunstar is reinstated as leader of Hapes.
Queen Sunstar holds a royal ball, the gala is enjoyed by all.

SWU Year 1, Day 65
Emperor Suba and Leanna Kiera are married.

SWU Year 1, Day 67
Khan Storm retires from his rank in Black Sun.

SWU Year 1, Day 70 - 90

All information on the Imperial Crisis is classified. Authorization can be acquired through Darth Jones.

SWU Year 1, Day 91
Slade meets with ilKhan Natasha Kerenski about acquiring new ships for Renegade.

SWU Year 1, Day 94
Kara, Marle, Brosk, Condar, and Slade shop for costumes for Queen Sunstar's masquerade ball.

SWU Year 1, Day 95
Queen Sunstar's birthday. She is 24 years old (OOC: 20). Well-wishers come from all across the galaxy, including a delegation from DJBS, lead by Lord Kharpu.
Nick Fury retires from the Imperial Navy due to tensions created in the Imperial Crisis.

SWU Year 1, Day 96
Dismal Maklerkan holds a telethon to save his favourite soap opera, "All my Gungans". Darknend pledges 1,000,000 credits, which is promptly stolen by the devious Dark Helmet.
Queen Sunstar and Slade Renegade announce their engagement.
Marle and Kara run away to Dathomir

SWU Year 1, Day 97
Marle and Kara are ambushed and taken prisoner by pirates, before their capture they manage to contact Daniel Jade with their location.

SWU Year 1, Day 98
Daniel Jade hypers into Dathomir space, and attacks the pirate ship. Tom Paris joins in the attack. In desperation, the pirate leader threatens that he will kill Kara if any more attacks are made. Marle escapes, frees Kara, and kills the pirate. Tom and Daniel board the ship and rescue the princesses.
Khan Storm prepares an ambush for a Black Sun convoy. The shipment of food is found to be poisoned, but Storm manages to avoid most casualties.

SWU Year 1, Day 99
Dismal Maklerkan does an interview with Lotus Newtwiggle about "All my Gungans". The show's ratings are higher than ever.

SWU Year 1, Day 100
Admiral Slavik finds an almost fully operational Imperial-class Star Destroyer in a ship junkyard. Emperor Suba prepares a trap, but is unsuccessful in stopping Slavik from taking the ship.
An Imperial smuggler causes complications for a rebel border patrol, causing the destruction of a bulk cruiser before it is destroyed. Hapes lends a hand, strengthening the relations between the two factions.

SWU Year 1, Day 104
Admiral Slavik attacks a pirate base and finds a wealth of stolen treasure.

SWU Year 1, Day 107
Khan Storm is captured by ilKhan Natasha Kerenski while on vacation.

SWU Year 1, Day 108
Khan Storm was taken to the DJBS Homeworld for a lifetime of slavery, Storm almost managed to turn the tables by attacking his guards and stealing a shuttle. Storm's piloting skill was not adequate enough to deal with turbulence, and the shuttle crashed. Storm was killed on impact, dying in a way suitable to how he led his life, a failure.

SWU Year 1, Day 110
Tom Paris marries Princess Kara and joins Hapes.
Admiral Slavik merges his fleet with Countess Diana Pryde's "Smoke Jaguars". During the negotiations, traitors stole the dreadnought "Montauk".
Lotus Newtwiggle writes lyrics for "The Chicken Dance", and hires Mr. Moosemuffin to sing them on the holo-net.

SWU Year 1, Day 111
Antwon Slavik steals a shuttle and escapes from the smoke jaguars, he is discovered by a Hapan patrol and shot down. Countess Diana Pryde comes after him, but the Hapan fleet escapes before she can recapture Slavik. Slavik is taken in by the royal family of Hapes.
Mark Metallic vomes out of hiding with rebuilt forces calling themselves the "Royalist Empire". Metallic takes Chandrila, naming it the capital of his new empire. Metallic threatens Paris, that unless he joins the royalists, his daughter will be killed.
In response to the attack on Chandrila, Hapes puts all borders on yellow alert, all incoming trade will be heavily monitored.
Princess Marle is now known as Alise Hilton.

SWU Year 1, Day 112
Paris surrenders to the royalists.
Renegade moves his fleet into royalist space.
Kara goes off to help Tom Paris.

SWU Year 1, Day 113
Tom Paris, Kara, and Alise rescue Jaina.
Renegade, Black Sun, Hapes, and Alliance forces attack royalist forces on Chandrila. Metallic anticipates their attack and fires a massive barrage of planetary based missiles. The missiles prove ineffective and the royalists abandon Chandrila.
Darth Jones gathers new power from an ancient sith artifact. The power helps him figure out a problem that has plagued him for fifteen years.
Dark Schneider reveals he is actually Nick Fury.
Artemis Gordon is kidnapped by bounty hunter Vin Halo.

SWU Year 1, Day 116
Queen Sunstar and Slade Renegade are married.
Ace Blair commits suicide.
General Ares Draken is demoted for conduct unbecoming of an officer. Reprimand issued by Supreme Chancellor Swanson.

SWU Year 1, Day 120
A moment of silence for Joanne Starbuck
Joanne 'Ysanne Isard' Starbuck May 5, 1981 - September 1, 2000
She is freed from her pain, and at a better place

SWU Year 1, Day 122
The Empire agrees to a non-aggression treaty with Hapes, and re-establishes trade routes.
Slavik is captured by Black Sun, and Princess Kara attempts to rescue him. Hapes and Imperial fleets engage the Black Sun dreadnought to rescue Kara. Kara escapes just before the dreadnought enters hyperspace. The ship is never seen again.
General Artemis Gordon is listed MIA after several days and no report.

SWU Year 1, Day 123
Artemis Gordon is brought before Darth Jones and his first lifetime is revealed to him. Artemis Gordon reassumes the persona of Aleksandr Ghaleon, but not the title of Dark Warrior. With the help of Kevorkian, they escape from DJBS.

SWU Year 1, Day 125
Slade and Renegade repel an Imperial Invasion.
The Royalist Empire declares formal boundaries and galactic policy.
Dismal Malkerkan discovers a large fleet of dreadnaughts, which he takes for his own.

SWU Year 1, Day 126
Dismal Malkerkan realizes that keeping his dreadnoughts would anger the emperor, so he donates them to the empire.
Swanson takes a small fleet and starts the "Bakuran Empire".
Slavik kidnaps Kara and issues demands for her return.

SWU Year 1, Day 127
Daniel Jade, Alise, Xax, and Suba search for Kara.
Slavik takes Kara to Royalist space. Metallic pays off Slavik and frees Kara to Tom Paris.

SWU Year 1, Day 130
The Royalist empire and the Bakuran empire begin diplomatic relations.

More to come!

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