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Star Wars Unleashed WebMail

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      Features :
  • Your very own @swu.dk E-mail address
  • 6 MB of webmail space
  • FREE
  • Option to set filters that can be used to automatically categorize your mail
  • Bulk mail handling
  • Possibility to read POP3 mail through the webmail
  • Spam filter
  • Advanced address book
  • Easy to access through log-in box at www.swu.dk or www.swunleashed.com
  • Message Search engine (search your message archive by using keywords)
  • Customize your mail by adding a custom signature to every mail through options
  • Mail notification
  • Possibility to use stationaries
  • Option to activate HTML in messages
  • Up to 3 attachements can be sent per mail
  • Globally accessible
  • Permanent
  • SPAM-Free
  • Versatile
  • Private
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