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SWU Information

Jonathan Daniels

Looking for current SWUnleashed information? Unfortunately, because of a database issue, this news script can't be updated easily, but you can always check on our message boards at http://swub.swu.dk/.

Current factions include the Galactic Empire, Rebel Alliance, and a faction that is replacing Black Sun. Freelancing is also a possibility. More information can be found on the SWU message boards.

Also, as an update, planning and work continues on a new site look. I know some people are tiring of the current SWU site. Don't worry! It won't stay this way forever!

Additional IRC Address

Jonathan Daniels

As an update for everyone that chats on our IRC network, you may now connect to the network via irc.swu.dk. Feel free to start using that URL to connect to our network, or use the other two URLs. That brings up all possible ways to connect to the IRC network as follows:


And don't forget our main channel: #swu

Hapan Leadership

Jonathan Daniels

Greetings everyone. As an update, please welcome a new Hapan leader. That would be Jaina Ezri de Varn, otherwise known as Jaian Ezri Paris. She will be leading Hapes. Also, with a leader in place again, Hapes is now considered a player faction and can accept new members. Congratulations, Jaina!

Faction Leadership: Update

Jonathan Daniels

Greetings everyone. SWU has seen a small change in the form of faction leadership. Please join me in welcoming Dayton as the new Emperor of the Galactic Empire, and Synria Archer as the newest leader of the Rebel Alliance. This gives both factions a fresh new push, and we look forward to seeing the conflict that arises between these two as they vie for the galaxy.

Admin Structure Announcement

Sim Master

On behalf of the rest of the SWU administration and I, I would like to announce a change to the structure. This change also brings in a new face into the SWU administration.

First, with the recent resignation of Han Meryss from the Rules Admin position, Artemis has volunteered to step in and assist with the Rules development. She will oversee continued work and the release of rules.

Secondly, there is the addition of the Sim Architect. This position will help contribute to the sim by assisting in the graphics area of SWU. This would include work on the SWU site, as well as assisting faction leaders with their sites. In addition to this work, the Sim Architect would be in charge of controlling what the public sees as SWU, and they would thus be a main factor in helping the rest of the world see SWU in a good light.

This position will be filled by Avkion Carpathia. Please welcome him as the newest addition to the Administration. May this new addition be a great asset to SWU, as we strive to continue to grow and improve.

SWU Board and IRC Update

Jonathan Daniels

Now that I found my news login information...

First off, I'd like to remind everyone that our current IRC server can be reached through either irc.sb254.com or irc.diasporagames.com. Our main channel is still #swu. Any problems with IRC can be taken up with me in email, or you can visit the IRC Chat page to find out how you can connect to those servers.

Second, we've had a small move with the SWU Boards. Our host of the boards was moving and, until Jonas can update the swub.swu.dk address to the new server location, please connect to the SWU boards through the following location:


Thank you for your patience the past few days!

Concerning Force

Sim Master

At the moment we are not dealing with giving out force sensativity since the admin team is currently working on more important matters as group reorganisation etc.

This post is made to let you guys know beforehand, FS is pointless to be asking for in any case since FS people will be chosen by the admins regardless of who ask and what they do to get it. People chosen for FS are those the admins see fit to be FS, so please do not ask for FS.

New Addition to the Administrative Team


On behalf of our Simmaster, I am proud to announce that simmers Han Meryss and Jonathan Daniels will be taking up SWU Administrative duties as of today. Han will be taking up the role of Rules Admin while Jonathan will be taking charge of IC situations as IC Admin. Our heartiest congratulations to the both of you. Welcome aboard!

On another note, the Administrative Team has made the decision to revoke the FS status of Rogal Dorn, Ebonee Lekanu and Zandor Starstriker due to the 2 month unnotified rule of absence. This decision is final and no appeals would be entertained.

IRC Server back online

Sim Master

I have been looking into the problem with the IRC server, and it should now be working without a problem.

The issue was concerning an IP change after the server went down during a thunderstorm.

Services are back as well and you can start connecting from this moment at:

IRC Server: ddc.swu.dk
IRC Port: 6667
IRC Room: #swu

Sorry for the inconvenience.

SWU Admin

IRC Server Down


Yep, the ddc.swu.dk server is down and I know how frustrated some of you might be, trying to get on and all. Unfortunately Jonas is not home and is back at his parents till Saturday. As soon as he gets back, I will ask him to look into the problem. Until then, please be patient with the server. Hopefully, it will be back up and running by tomorrow. =)

New Core Force Sensatives and Faction Leaders


The new core Force Sensative members are as follows:

Jedi Remnants:

  • Nailah Linn - Jedi Master

  • Nicholas Antilla - Jedi Master

  • Akuro Linn - Jedi Padawan

    The Sith:
  • Jonuc Thos - Dark Lord of the Sith

  • Artemis Sylle - Sith Lordess

  • Wraith - Sith Knight

  • Rogal Dorn - Sith Apprentice

  • Dark Jedi:
  • Ebonee Lekanu

  • Non Trained FS
  • Algernon Meryss

  • Zandor Starstriker

  • Faction Leaders:
  • Galactic Empire - Oul Transena (NPC)

  • Rebel Alliance - Nicholas Antilla

  • Black Sun - Wraith

  • 7th Legion - Rikkali Rainer

  • Force Group Leaders:
    Jedi Remnants - Nailah Linn
    Sith Order - Artemis Sylle

    Note: An unexplained and unexcused inactivity in role playing for a minimum period of 2 months without prior notice can cause the removal of Force sensativity by an Admin. The same applies for the Group Leaders.

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